Our approach...
is very pragmatic.

We won’t talk to you about bits and bytes, we’ll talk to you about what you want to accomplish. How you want people to interface with you, whether it be employees, suppliers, consumers.

Our design solutions will be just that – an approach that considers your problems first with an eye to how people will use the information and applications that you need.

Our process starts by examining the real heroes of your business – your users or your customers – and discovering how their lives can be improved through the use of a technology enabled delivery system. We boil our findings down into terms and diagrams that define requirements and use cases in plain terms.

Of course if you want to talk acronyms and gibberbab, we won’t hesitate to tell you about our expertise with .net, Oracle, MySQL, php, Java, Python, Zope, Plone, Squid, Struts or a dozen or more programming languages.